MSI Fellows

To recognize University of Minnesota faculty for their contributions to computational science and supercomputing research and their participation in the activities of the Supercomputing Institute for Advanced Computational Research, the Supercomputing Institute confers Fellowships on selected University of Minnesota faculty members.

It is hoped that Fellows will take a pioneering approach to advanced research in the field of large-scale computing, will advise the Supercomputing Institute on policy matters, and will help identify promising new research areas. Activities that help the Supercomputing Institute advance the research and educational goals of the University are strongly encouraged, and it is intended that the Fellows will play a key role in fostering these activities both at the Institute and in their home departments. Fellows are often invited to serve on Supercomputing Institute committees. Finally, it is hoped that Fellows will suggest ways in which the Institute can better serve the needs of our faculty, students, and research groups and will represent the goals and interests of the Institute in a constructive way to the rest of the University community. Fellows are encouraged to submit their published research reports in the area of supercomputing research to the UMSI Research Report Series.

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