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graph showing top-performing zeolite structures Sweetening Natural Gas

Natural gas often contains contaminants. “Sour” gas is natural gas that contains a significant amount of hydrogen sulfide, H2S. Not only is H2S toxic enough to be fatal at concentrations as low as 1,000 ppm, but it is also very corrosive and can damage the pipelines, so it must be reduced to acceptable levels before the natural gas can be used. This is usually done with...Read more

graph of integrated model and photo of researchers at NutNet site Computer Model Links Plant Species Richness and Productivity

The relationship between vegetation productivity and species richness has been under investigation by ecologists for many years. However, scientists have not been able to develop a definitive method to determine this relationship using bivariate analysis. One reason for this may be that both productivity and richness are controlled by a wide variety of influences. MSI PI...Read more

structure of metal organic framework A New Method for Creating a Catalyst on a Metal-Organic Framework

Effective and stable catalysts are important to a wide variety of processes important to research and industry. An emerging technology is to support catalysts on materials known as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). A MOF contains organic linkers and inorganic (metal-containing) nodes; they improve the efficiency of the catalysts they support by isolating catalytic sites one from another and are...Read more

graphs of genomic inbreeding coefficients; picture of giant panda Panda Genomics

Conservationists seeking to increase in the panda population must understand issues related to genetic diversity. Researchers are studying how these pandas are related and their levels of inbreeding and comparing these data for pandas in different geographical areas. This also assists conservationists breeding captive pandas, since it provides additional information about the pandas’ genomic...Read more