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graphs showing plants invasion dynamics under different types of density dependence and dispersal Simulating Population Growth in Invasive Species

In order to control invasive species, we need to understand how their populations grow and spread. This process is not constant – there is a great deal of variability in the rate that species invade, and the reasons for these fluctuations are not well understood. Experimental data show that a population’s growth varies even when conditions such as weather and terrain features are stable....Read more

scans of zeolite nanosheets A New Process to Create Zeolite Nanosheets

Adsorbent or catalytic materials called zeolites are used in the chemical and petrochemical industries to separate individual molecules based on size and shape. Building nanosheets of zeolites to make thin films for membrane applications has been a time-consuming, multi-step process. However, MSI researchers and their colleagues have developed a new, one-step method of creating zeolite...Read more

graphs showing nutrient inputs of nitrogen and phosphorus for various watersheds Tracking Pollution Sources in Urban Water Systems

Maintaining the health of urban waterways is an ongoing battle. Urban areas, due to their high population densities, have a number of challenges in maintaining clean water. While sewage systems have been managed so that pollutants are largely controlled, the contribution of pollutants from other sources, such as stormwater runoff, is not yet completely understood.

In a paper that...Read more

panel discussion participants at MSI 2017 Research Exhibition 2017 Research Exhibition

MSI held the eighth annual Research Exhibition on April 25, 2017. This year, besides the judged poster session, the event included a panel discussion about careers in HPC-related fields, plus presentations by industry representatives about current and emerging technologies. Attendees were also able to take tours of MSI’s machine room....Read more

Structural Comparisons of Two Receptors for Mouse Coronavirus

Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that can cause illness in humans, other mammals, and birds. They use cell surface receptors to attach themselves to host cells. While most of them are not dangerous, causing minor illnesses such as colds, the group includes such deadly diseases as SARS and MERS. One coronavirus, mouse hepatitis virus (MHV), causes a disease in mice that has a high...Read more

pictures of potato plants affected by late blight Genetic Resistance Against Potato Blight

Late blight is a serious crop disease that affects potatoes and costs the potato industry billions of dollars annually. The responsible pathogen, Phytophthora infestans, can infect both potato foliage and the tuber. ‘Russet Burbank’, a popular processing variety of potato, lacks genetic resistance to P. infestans. But introduction of gene RB from a wild potato...Read more