Research Spotlights Digest

left photo shows lines of supercomputers, right photo is a closeup of a machine's screen Deep Learning at MSI

Over the past year, MSI has been increasing resources available to researchers working in machine learning fields. Deep learning methods have been getting a great deal of attention due to recent advances in hardware and successful applications in the fields of image classification, computer vision, robotics, and natural language processing. In addition to consulting for specific projects, MSI...Read more

map of Lake Superior showing dispersal of tracers Models of Water Mixing in Lake Superior

Lake Superior, the largest of the Great Lakes, is a major water source for humans as well as a habitat for a large amount of wildlife who depend on plants, plankton, fish, and other food sources found in the lake. The shoreline is vulnerable to pollutants found in runoff from surrounding areas, so understanding how water circulation affects the distribution of these pollutants is important....Read more

structure of porcine delta-coronavirus Pioneering Structural Study of Porcine Coronavirus

MSI PIs Wei Zhang (research associate professor, Diagnostic and Biological Sciences) and Fang Li (associate professor, Veterinary and...Read more

panel discussion at 2018 MSI Research Exhibition 2018 Research Exhibition

MSI held the ninth annual Research Exhibition on April 17, 2018. The event included a panel discussion about careers in HPC-related fields, presentations by industry representatives about current and emerging technologies, and a judged poster session. A new feature this year was the chance to see movies and visualizations created by MSI users...Read more

photos of NutNet sites in Bogong, Australia and Cedar Creek, Minnesota, USA Nutrient Network Celebrates Ten Years of Collaborative Ecological Research

The Nutrient Network (, aka NutNet, a global collaborative research group studying how humans affect grasslands, celebrated ten years of research in 2017. NutNet was created to study two of the largest human impacts globally, increasing supplies of elemental nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus from agriculture and burning fossil fuels...Read more

two pictures of animals, one of a lion, and one of a mother elephant and calf New Citizen-Science Project, Snapshot Safari, Launches

Snapshot Safari (, a citizen-science project created by the University of Minnesota’s Lion Center, launched in February 2018. The Lion Center is headed by MSI PI Craig Packer, a Distinguished McKnight University Professor in the...Read more

graphic showing workflows for proteogenomics Galaxy tool New Proteogenomics Tool for Cancer Research

Proteogenomics is a new tool for cancer research. It incorporates genomic-, transcriptomic-, and mass spectrometry (MS)-based proteomics data to verify the expression of protein sequence variants that may be associated with cancer. Proteogenomics is computationally intensive and needs integration of software from different -omics fields. It also needs hardware infrastructure that can...Read more