VP for Research Tim Mulcahy Retirement

Tim Mulcahy speaking


MSI honored the retirement of the University of Minnesota Vice President for Research (VPR), Tim Mulcahy, with a special event on October 29, 2012. VP Mulcahy will be retiring from the University on December 31.


MSI came under the Office of the VPR in July 2008, and VP Mulcahy has been a staunch supporter of MSI’s mission during the past four years. He was instrumental in the procurement of Itasca, the Institute’s flagship supercomputer, and he has been a force in MSI’s expansion into new areas of research support, such as the University-wide informatics effort.


Also, on a day in 2011 that MSI staff will never forget, VP Mulcahy performed a song set to “La Donna e Mobile,” while dressed in full Renaissance costume. This event was a prize from VP Mulcahy to MSI for “highest increase in participation” among OVPR units in the 2011 Community Fund Drive.


The MSI retirement event for VP Mulcahy included a video game on the LMVL’s interactive screen, where he was asked to select various humorous options for his retirement. He was also presented with a paperweight that included a processor from Itasca and a musical card with an excerpt from his 2011 musical performance for MSI.


The MSI staff are grateful for VP Mulcahy’s support and we wish him well in his retirement.


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