MSI Storage Resources

MSI Data Storage Resources

MSI provides data storage services to support high performance computing or big data applications that are related to research activities by MSI research users.

High Performance Primary Storage

All MSI researchers have access to a high-performance, high capacity primary storage platform. This system currently provides 2.8 PB (petabytes) of storage. The integrity of the data is protected by daily snapshots and tape backups. It has sustained read and write speeds of up to 25 GB/sec.

There is default access to this storage by any MSI group with an active account. Very large needs can be also met, but need to be approved by the MSI HPC Allocation Committee. More details are available on the MSI Storage Allocation Guidelines page.  

Scratch Storage

Attached to each supercomputer, MSI provides large capacity and high performance storage to be used while applications are running on the supercomputer. Depending on the system, scratch space may be a set-aside area of primary storage, or may consist of separate storage attached via fast data links. See the individual system documentation for details.

Access to scratch storage does not need to be requested. There are no quotas on this system, nor backups. Typically data is stored for 30 days or less.

Second Tier Storage

MSI recently added a Ceph object storage system as a second tier storage option. As of November 2014, the system has 1.4 PB of usable storage installed.

MSI's second tier storage is designed to address the growing need for resources that support data-intensive research. It is tightly integrated with other MSI storage and computing resources in order to support a wide variety of research data life cycles and data analysis workflows. In addition, this object storage platform offers new access modes, such as Amazon’s S3 (Simple Storage Service) interface, so that researchers can better manage their data and more seamlessly share data with other researchers whether or not the other researcher has an MSI account or is at the University of Minnesota. 

Usage quotas will be set by the allocations committee and reviewed on an annual basis. For more information, go to the second tier storage web page.

Big Data/Hadoop

MSI operates a 40-node hadoop cluster to aid users with big data analytics needs. Any MSI user can request access to this combined storage and compute option for analytic type work.