Home Directories

Each MSI user receives a home directory when their account is created. On January 9th, 2013 all user home directories across all our systems (except Koronis) were unified into a single space.

Each MSI lab and HPC account has a home directory within its respective group's shared space. Group shared home-directory quota increases are available to a group upon request, by having the PI or group admin email help@msi.umn.edu. Please note that these requests are subject to approval.

Snapshots are enabled for home directories on all systems. A read-only version of a deleted or corrupted file may be available in ~/.snapshot for several days to a week, and a user may copy it back into the write-enabled home directory space.

Koronis home directories have a 50 GB quota, have no snapshots, are backed up nightly and can be restored by request.

Important - for supercomputer users (January 2013 to July 2013): Each MSI user receives a home directory when their account is created. On January 9, 2013 we unified all your home directories across all our systems (except Koronis) into a single space. Currently, you have a default home directory in /home/msi and, if you are a supercomputer user, a different and separate old home directory in each supercomputing system. This was due to performance considerations. With the deployment of a fast new storage system, separate home directories are no longer necessary. MSI staff migrated your home directory files (/home/msi) to the new system. However, we DID NOT migrate your old home directories on the the supercomputers (e.g., /home/it[12]/your_username on Itasca). Users may have different versions of the same file on different supercomputers, or different files with the same name. Having us migrate those files for you would potentially cause a large number of errors. We therefore ask that you move your own files on the supercomputer’s home directories to /home/msi yourself. You can find instructions on our website, and we will assist you if necessary upon request. We will expect that you complete the migration of needed files by July 15, 2013. Because of its own hierarchical storage system, files on Koronis will not be migrated. If you are not a supercomputer user, all your home directory files were migrated to the new space by MSI staff. This DOES NOT include project space

The table below details the current quota for the group shared home directory, the existence of scratch space at run time, and backup options for files

Resource Group Directory Scratch Backups
Labs 150 GB (see above) central scratch snapshots & tape
Calhoun 150 GB (see above) local scratch snapshots & tape
Itasca 150 GB (see above) local scratch snapshots & tape
Koronis 50 GB local scratch tape

Note: The group shared directory space is one and the same throughout all the systems, save for Koronis.