Koronis Access

NOTE: Koronis was decommissioned on March 17, 2014. Information about retrieving and transferring Koronis data can be found here. Please contact help@msi.umn.edu with any questions.

In order to request a resource allocation on Koronis, please email the following information to Research Programs Administrator (researchprograms@msi.umn.edu). Please note that the email must be sent from the email account of the Principal Investigator.

  1. Principal investigator (PI): name, department, email address, phone.

  2. Project title.

  3. Project description including a summary of the work to be carried out if resources are granted.

  4. Relevance of the allocation request to NIH-supported research.

  5. Limited resources are available on Koronis, and the machine is intended for large shared-memory or large dataset applications. Explain why Koronis is more appropriate than Itasca for your work.

  6. HIPAA compliance: MSI core systems are not HIPAA-compliant and all data should be de-identified before it is transferred to these systems. Do you agree to de-identify private data before migrating it to MSI systems, including Koronis?

  7. Service Units (SUs): SU tracking on Koronis uses "CPU equivalents,” which accounts for both memory and core usage by equating memory to a core. 2.66 GB of RAM is equivalent to a core, and the memory is fully associated with the core. So, one SU on Koronis equals the use of a core and 2.66 GB of memory for one wall-clock hour. This allows a user to leverage either memory or cores and be charged consistently.

    7a. Number of SUs requested for use on Koronis.

    7b. Briefly explain how you determined the number of SUs that are requested.

  8. How much storage do you anticipate needing?

  9. NIH funding: Koronis is available to groups working on NIH-funded projects or who are preparing proposals for NIH funding. Please provide the current NIH grant number or title of project for proposal and expected submission date.