Fee-based Services

At-Cost Consulting

Complementing its core mission of providing supercomputing resources at no charge to the research community of the University of Minnesota, MSI charges other units of the University at cost for the efforts of MSI staff when one of the following conditions obtains:

  • Effort is @ 10% of an FTE or greater for at least one month;
  • Effort is @ 5% of an FTE or greater for at least three months; or
  • Effort is written into the plan for grant-funded activity and is of any percentage level.


More information about the types of consulting MSI provides can be found under the Services menu on this website.

Photo credit: Jessica Bellefueil

Internal and External Sales

In addition, MSI also functions as both an internal sales organization and an external sales organization of the University of Minnesota:

Internal Sales - fee-based data storage (for parties inside the University of Minnesota)

External Sales (for parties outside the University of Minnesota)

Photo credit: Andria Peters