Hosting and Scientific Data Management Services

Hosting and Scientific Data Management Services at MSI are designed to meet the evolving data management demands of University faculty and researchers. MSI provides access to software, computational, and storage resources necessary to develop and support high-profile research related data and database applications. This centralized data/database infrastructure is available for all applicable research projects. MSI houses database servers, application servers, and web servers, and an interactive login server for development. Users have access to a variety of database management systems including MySQL and Oracle. Other database management systems and related software can be installed upon request.


MSI provides web hosting services for groups to publish work done at MSI, to prototype applications that will eventually involve high-performance resources, and to enable unique integration with existing high-performance resources. To apply for web-hosting support please fill out the Web Hosting Agreement and send it to  Please note that most projects will require cost recovery for MSI staff effort.  For projects with more modest computing needs, please see OIT web hosting.

Data Centers

MSI serves as the data center for labs generating large amounts of data. This data is housed at MSI to keep it close to the computational resources used for post-processing. Below are some of the labs served:

Policies and Procedures

General policies and procedures are covered in the Web Hosting Agreement.

Technical Information

For security reasons, ssh access is very limited to most servers. To update your site, you can ssh to From there, most users will log into to update content that will be served out by a separate webserver.

Other Options at the University

  • For hosting projects that handle patient data, please contact the CTSI for assistance.
  • For CBS faculty with non-HPC websites and databases, see CBS hosting
  • For non-HPC, small-data websites, please see OIT web hosting.


See consulting for general information about MSI consulting.