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1. Role

The Research Informatics Support Systems (RISS) program provides informatics support to researchers at the University.

RISS assists investigators with the different aspects of interdisciplinary informatics research from experimental design and project planning to data analysis and application development.  Supported domains range from life sciences to translational biomedical research to humanities.

RISS services or assistance  include project planning, data analysis, development of workflows, analytical pipeline or other application, data management, training and proposal assistance.

2. Services, Pricing and Organization

Many basic services, including tutorials on a variety of topics, basic consultations and answers to basic analysis questions are free. Help with larger projects involving more complex analysis are available for a fee.  Visit the RISS program pages for more information about its services and pricing, procedures and organization.

3. Contacting RISS

For help with interdisciplinary informatics question or issue, send email to with “RISS” in the subject line.

4. Software & Computing Resources

RISS assists with the use of bioinformatics software. MSI offers a variety of informatics software from command line tools to Galaxy , which is a user-friendly graphical interface for complex bioinformatics data analyses (e.g. RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, etc.).  MSI also has several high performance computing systems available for informatics data analysis. Please see the MSI Access page for information on how to sign up for access to MSI software and computing resources.

5. Informatics News

Join the UMN Google Informatics Interest group and stay in touch with MSI informatics news.

6. Other Resources

Informatics related resources can be found across the University of Minnesota.  Most relevant ones are listed on the One Stop Portal for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics.

7. Finding help:

For any questions send a help request to Add RISS in the subject line for inquiries related to interdisciplinary informatics.

Informatics | RISS | RISS Services | RISS Organization | RISS Procedures | RISS Projects | RISS Help | UMN Biolinks