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RISS operational procedures relevant to the users

1. Access

RISS services are available to all researchers at the University of Minnesota. Users will need to ask for an account (see MSI sign up). RISS also engages in extramural academic and private sector collaborations. Contact RISS Program Director  for inquiries.

2. Analytical services

In response to request received, an informatics analyst should contact the investigator within 2 business days to schedule consultation and provide general information about overall availability.

3. Grant consultation

Consultation with informatics analyst will need to be scheduled for no later than 30 days prior proposal application due date.  Request for support will be recorded through the online support request ticket system

4. Compensation for services

Informatics support effort and cost are discussed with the analyst and budgeted as percentage of effort in the grant.  The percentage of effort is assessed based on the type of support needed, the newness and complexity of the analytical process.  Specific hardware requirements to support the proposed analytical strategy may need to be considered and included in the proposal budget.

IMPORTANT note about IDC -  Please note that MSI recovers Indirect Cost Associated with the effort contributed by MSI staff in the context of sponsored projects and analytical contracts associated with a cost.  

5. Authorship

As collaborators, all pre-publication material using data processed and analyzed by RISS staff is required to be reviewed by the RISS for accurate representation.  Documents and manuscripts reporting bioinformatics methods or the results of bioinformatics analyses carried out by RISS staff members (e.g. analyst, software developer) are to be given co-authorship.

The following affiliation will be used:  "University of Minnesota Supercomputing Institute, Research Informatics Support Systems program."   Address:  " 599 Walter Library, 117 Pleasant St. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55455"

6. Acknowledgements

Where RISS support was provided but does not warrant co-authorship, RISS contribution will be acknowledged in the acknowledgement section of the publication. MSI should be acknowledged if any MSI resources (software, storage, databases, computing cluster) were used during the course of the project being published.

7. Maintenance services

Unless specific agreement or contacts have been reached between the client and MS-RISS, RISS will not provide long-term maintenance of resources that fall outside of the scope of infrastructure resources (e.g. central repository for NGS-based data).  RISS follows MSI new policies for long-term hosting of project databases of custom or project specific analytical software and for data storageProjects databases are not to be confused with other databases that are resources used routinely in bioinformatics research (e.g. Reference annotation database).

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