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1. Comprehensive services

RISS offers comprehensive consulting and analytical services including experimental and analytical design, project and data management planning, data analysis and assistance with proposal development and publication.  We draw on the complementary expertise of MSI units (high performance computing, programming and visualization) and the collective knowledge that the University offers to provide scientific advice and services to support research. 

2. Analysis and data management support

RISS data analysis support covers a wide range of genomics applications, including differential gene expression (microarray and RNAseq), transcriptome and de novo genome assembly, variant detection (SNP and CNV), comparative genomics and sequence annotation.  For large collaborative projects, support is also provided for project management and data management (data structure to enable data mining and data sharing).

Data analysis and data management support is also provided for projects outside the fields of life sciences and biomedical research.

3. Workflow and application software development

To streamline analytical processes RISS offers custom software solution designed to client’s specifications and users’ needs.  For advanced software application development RISS will collaborate with other units of MSI to achieve the desired product. 

4. Training

An important goal for RISS is to increase researchers’ informatics proficiency, laying the foundation for them to become self-confident in data exploration and analysis.  This is achieved through in-depth informatics tutorials as well as basic and advanced consulting.  The current tutorial schedule is listed here and tutorial pdfs outlining different types of analyses step by step are available here.

5. Pricing

Effort and pricing vary according to project specifics.  These are reviewed during the course of a project consultation meeting with RISS.  Clients will be asked to provide a description of the project, its overall scope, immediate and long-term goals, data sets and of course the immediate needs. This information allows RISS to map the best strategy and provide an estimate for effort, resources, cost and completion timeline. 


Free services

To encourage researchers to use informatics and access support, a wide range of  RISS informatics consulting services are offered at no cost.  

A few examples: Project consultation; proposal consultation (e.g. analysis plan; data management plan); basic software troubleshooting; basic analytical walkthrough; resources availability.


At cost services

For requests that require advanced support RISS will provide an estimate for effort and cost for the client to review. 

Typical requests falling under the “charge” category include: NGS related analysis such as Transcriptome analysis (microarray, RNAseq, transcriptome assembly), genome assembly, variant detection; custom analytical pipeline or application development; and in depth training.  The recharge process will be discussed during the initial consultation.


Other charges

Storage above the default group allocation will be charge to the group investigator. Consult MSI Data Storage Policy for more information.



MSI recovers Indirect Cost associated with the effort contributed by MSI staff in the context of sponsored projects and analytical contracts associated with a cost.

Informatics | RISS | RISS Services | RISS Organization | RISS Procedures | RISS Projects | RISS Help | UMN Biolinks