User Support

MSI User Support assists researchers in utilizing MSI resources to effectively reach their computational goals.  Support is offered in a variety of categories as outlined below.

Accessing MSI

MSI User Support assists researchers in gaining access to MSI systems. First time users may apply for access at our Sign Up page. MSI users are able to manage their accounts through MyMSI.  MSI also assists new users in becoming familiar with the MSI Computing Environment.

Problem Solving and Debugging

We provide support for troubleshooting problems, debugging code, and tuning programs for better performance.  MSI has several software tools available for addressing debugging and performance issues in order to maximize research output.  Some of the most common user issues are examined in our Frequently Asked Questions.  User discussion and advice is available on our User Forum.

Software Management

MSI maintains hundreds of software packages in support of our researchers. The collection of available software may be searched or browsed on the Software page.

Scientific Consulting

MSI has scientists with experience in many areas of computational scientific research.  MSI scientists are available to assist our users as consultants with expertise in a variety of fields.

Lab Spaces

MSI User Support maintains and supports MSI computer laboratory spaces. These lab environments support MSI research by serving as spaces where users can collaborate, access special equipment such as 3D visualization hardware, hold classes, and attend educational events.

Tutorials, Workshops, and Classes

MSI User Support helps researchers develop their skills by offering tutorials and workshops on a variety of computational subjects throughout the year, in cooperation with the other MSI divisions, and outside organizations.  MSI laboratory spaces are also available as locations for university classes and demonstrations.

Photo credit: Jessica Bellefueil, first two images