GNU Scientific Library

From the GNU website:

"The GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is a numerical library for C and C++ programmers. It is free software under the GNU General Public License.

The library provides a wide range of mathematical routines such as random number generators, special functions and least-squares fitting. There are over 1000 functions in total with an extensive test suite."

PyPy Python

Python is a high level programming language that aims to combine remarkable power with very clear syntax. PyPy is an alternative implementation of the Python language that uses a Just-in-Time (JIT) compiler to run certain types of code much faster than the standard implementation.


RStudio provides open source and enterprise-ready professional software for the R statistical computing environment. RStudio is an IDE for the R programming language.


The ROOT system provides a set of OO frameworks with all the functionality needed to handle and analyze large amounts of data in a very efficient way. Having the data defined as a set of objects, specialized storage methods are used to get direct access to the separate attributes of the selected objects, without having to touch the bulk of the data.


GTS stands for the GNU Triangulated Surface Library. It is an open source free software library intended to provide a set of useful functions to deal with 3D surfaces meshed with interconnected triangles.


DCDFLIB is a collection of routines for calculating cumulative distribution functions, inverses, and other parameters.

Enthought Canopy Python Distribution

Python is a high level programming language that aims to combine remarkable power with very clear syntax. The Enthought Python Distribution is a cross-platform environment for scientific computing in Python, and includes the Canopy IDE and package manager. MSI has installed an academic-licensed version that includes hundreds of modules, including tools that enable efficient parallel computations.


OpenFOAM is an open source software package which is designed to scale well on large distributed memory systems. While originally written for CFD, with it's open source strategy and a large user base OpenFOAM has grown to be a general purpose finite element toolbox.


This software was discontinued on MSI systems as of January 8, 2016.


AMPL/KNITRO is  a large, sparse, linear and nonlinear programming solver and a general purpose solver for nonlinear optimization. It is designed to handle large problems and is effective for solving linear, quadratic, and nonlinear smooth optimization problems, both convex and nonconvex. SNOPT is highly effective for problems with a nonlinear objective function and large numbers of sparse linear constraints.