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DelPhi takes as input a coordinate file format of a molecule or equivalent data for geometrical objects and/or charge distributions and calculates the electrostatic potential in and around the system, using a finite difference solution to the Poisson-Boltzmann equation. DelPhi is a versatile electrostatics simulation program that can be used to investigate electrostatic fields in a variety of molecular systems.


The JoinMap is an advanced computer software for the calculation of genetic linkage maps in experimental populations. It provides high quality tools that allow detailed study of the experimental data and the generation of publication-ready map charts. The intuitive MS-Windows ® user interface of JoinMap invites to a better exploration of the data. For instance, you can perform several diagnostical tests, both before and after the actual map calculation, and you can remove potentially erroneous loci and individuals from the map calculations by a simple mouse-click.


Mathematica is a widely used software package for numerical and symbolic mathematical computations.
MSI does not maintain a group license for Mathematica. Individual licenses are available for students and staff to purchase through OIT. Please contact MSI at for assistance in using an individual Mathematica license on MSI resources.

ProteinPilot for QSTAR/QTRAP

ProteinPilot for QSTAR/QTRAP is a software for protein identification and quantitation. It enables searching for peptide modifications and non-tryptic cleavages simultaneously, distinguish protein isoforms, protein subsets and visualize peptide-protein associations and relationships. This software is used for protein identification and relative protein expression analysis.

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Stata is an integrated statistical package that provides extensive functionality for data analysis, data management, and graphics.