X-Windows Remote Display for Microsoft Windows Clients

The recommended X-Windows emulator for Microsoft Windows is X-Win32. For University of Minnesota faculty and staff, OIT's UTools provides discounted licenses for X-Win32.

Remote Access to UNIX X-Windows

Steps to access X-Windows applications from a PC running Microsoft Windows:

  1. Configure X-Win32 the first time you use it.
  2. Use your SSH client (For example, PuTTy) to connect to the remote UNIX machine. The first time you do this, you will have to configure PuTTy.
    • Do not set your DISPLAY environment variable manually; SSH will set it for you automatically.
  3. Start up your X-Windows emulator (such as X-Win32) and X-Windows-based programs you invoke on the UNIX machine will appear in your X-Win32 X-Windows emulator.

    For more information on SSH see MSI's local SSH information.

    X-Win32 Configuration

    1. Open X-config for X-Win32 (found in Start Menu -> Programs -> X-Win32). You do not need to set up any sessions. Open the Window tab and select Multiple.


    2. Open the Security tab; add "localhost" to the X-Host list. Check "Access Control" and "Use XAuth."


    3. Click OK to save this configuration and exit the X-Config utility. Now run X-Win32. The blue X should appear in your system tray.


    4. You are now ready to use X-Windows Applications.