Can you give me more information about sponsored internet accounts?

NOTE: MSI is transitioning from using sponsored accounts for non-UMN affiliated users to a “Person of Interest (POI)” designation. This change will create a greater level of security for accounts. As of September 1, 2016, MSI will no longer accept sponsored accounts as valid UMN Internet IDs. PI groups who have users with sponsored accounts will need to convert the accounts to POI in order to renew the account. Please see "How do I get a Person of Interest (POI) designation?" for more information.

Q: What is a sponsored internet account?

A: A sponsored internet account is a UMN internet account (e.g., for a user who is not affiliated with UMN. The account is sponsored by the MSI group PI. If the group PI is not affiliated with UMN, MSI can sponsor accounts for non-affiliated group members (including the PI). 

Q: Why do I need a sponsored internet account?

A: MSI no longer creates new accounts of its own, and instead requires all new users to have a University of Minnesota Internet ID. Existing MSI users that lack an Internet ID may also need to obtain a sponsored Internet ID because connections to MSI must be from a UMN IP address. If you are not on campus, you must use a sponsored account to connect via UMN's Virtual Private Network (VPN). (For assistance with the UMN VPN contact OIT Help.)

Q: I have a UMN account, why can't I get access?

A: Not all UMN accounts have the same features. OIT offers several account types. A basic UMN account will provide email and internet access. If your account does not have VPN access, you should look into getting a sponsored account.

Q: How do I get a sponsored account?

A: If your PI is affiliated with UMN, request your PI to sponsor an account for you. See UMN OIT pages for more information about getting a sponsored internet account.  If you are a PI not affiliated with UMN you can send a request to requesting MSI to sponsor a UMN internet account for you and any of the users in your group who will require a sponsored account.

UMN Internet accounts sponsored by MSI will expire at the end of the current calendar year and must be renewed along with your MSI account.

Q: How do I change the password for my sponsored account?

A: You can change your password and other account related information at

Q: When does my sponsored account expire?

A: The sponsored accounts will expire on Dec 31 of the current year. If they are still required they should be renewed with your MSI renewal.

Q: What account do I use to log in?

A: You will use your UMN account to login to UMN when you want to use the VPN. You will continue to use your MSI account to log into MSI.

Q: Where do I go for more information?

A: If you need assistance with your UMN internet account or the UMN VPN contact UMN OIT.