Do I need a .bashrc or .bash_profile for MSI systems?

(Updated Summer 2014)

You will need both on MSI systems.

Most MSI systems, including HPC clusters (e.g., Itasca, Cascade): only $HOME/.bash_profile is sourced by default on login. To guarantee .bashrc is also sourced we recommend following this FAQ

Non-HPC systems (e.g., Lab workstations and queue,, etc): both $HOME/.bashrc and $HOME/.bash_profile are sourced on login. If your .bashrc and .bash_profile were customized prior to the new primary storage system roll-out, you may encounter errors on login indicating unknown paths/executables. See recommended solution below. 

Inside NICE and NX sessions: Only $HOME/.bashrc is sourced by default. Again, follow the recommended solution below to merge old .bashrc and .bash_profile files into one .bashrc.

Recommended .bashrc and .bash_profile Setup

Refer to these FAQs to update your .bashrc, and then your .bash_profile.