How do I access an MSI Unix server from my Windows machine?

To access a Unix-based server from Windows you need to install a terminal application such as PuTTy. PuTTy allows users to interact with the remote Unix command line. Refer to MSI's PuTTY configuration instructions for configuration details including support for X-window tunneling through After connecting to users should refer to the remote lab connectivity page for details on how to reach their destination using isub.

Putty provides a solid starting point for simple and lightweight graphical applications, but it struggles with many of the modern graphics-intensive GUIs that are available with some of the software packages MSI supports. The NX server/client system provides a modern, faster, and more reliable connection from a remote Windows machine to MSI's Linux machines. See the NX client configuration documentation for details.

Below are two videos to demonstrate configuring the NX client and ssh client to access MSI Linux machines respectively. The first video demonstrates configuring an NX client and using isub to obtain a node for computation. The second video demonstrates using the ssh and isub commands to obtain a node for computation. In the second video, replace the Mac's terminal as ssh client with Putty.