How do I (and others) get access to additional MSI systems? How do I add additional users to my group?

Principal Investigators (PIs) and PI-designated group admins are authorized to activate access to additional MSI systems for themselves and their group members through myMSI.

To activiate additional resources or add new users connect to myMSI and choose "Manage Accounts in My Groups." In these menus authorized persons can add new users to their group and can add access to additional resources for themselves and their group members.

To add new users click "Add a New Account to your Group."

To edit existing user(s), select the user(s), and then click Modify Multiple Selected Accounts.

Each account must be associated with a specific person and used only by that person; password sharing is in violation of University policy.

Users can visit their own profiles on myMSI and request the addition of new resources. However, the PI or group admin needs to approve these pending requests.