How do I alter my password?

MSI has online tools for password modification and password reset. The MSI Passwords page describes their use and has additional troubleshooting information, including steps to be taken if you have forgotten your password or if the password has expired.

If you run into difficulties with these tools, some common causes of problems are as follows:

  1. You cannot fill out the reCAPTCHA box which asks you to type the two words that you see.


    • If you can see it be sure to fill it out. 
    • If you do not see it, it may be because you are using Internet Explorer, which is not compatible with MSI's web tools.
    • If you cannot read it, reload the page and you'll get a different reCAPTCHA to try.
  2. You did not receive an email with the reset link and / or you cannot follow the link.

    Solution: Check the non-MSI email address that you submitted when your account was created. You can also confirm that your associated email address is correct by checking myMSI.

  3. There is a delay of more than an hour between the time that you received the link in the confirmation mail and your attempt at accessing that link.

    Solution: When you receive mail with subject line  "MSI account password reset request" from, you must follow the link within one hour from when you received it. It is also important that you use the same browser with which you made the request.

    If you try to follow an old link or try from another browser, you will get "Sorry, that page could not be found."

  4. Incorrect or inactive username was used for logging in.

    Solution: Principal Investigator (PI) or group admin can reactivate a locked account or look up a username.

  5. Accessing software that requires a separate login and password.

    Expressionist, an MSI-hosted software package, needs a login and password to access and use the software. This login and password is not connected to your MSI login and needs to be changed by using a seprate procedure than mentioned above. In order to change your Expressionist password, you will need to follow these steps:

    As mentioned earlier, this password is not connected to your normal MSI login password.

    1. Launch Expressionist
    2. Click "Database"
    3. Click "Admin"
    4. Click "Change db password"

If you have additional questions, even after reading MSI Passwords, please email and mention the username for which you are trying to reset the password.

Note: passwords are not to be shared with anyone, including MSI staff. Never give your password to anyone.