How do I get a Person of Interest (POI) designation?

All MSI users must have a UMN Internet ID. If a user does not have a UMN Internet ID, the PI can get the user a Person of Interest (POI) account by working with their department’s HR representative. If the PI is not a UMN employee, and is eligible to become an MSI PI the MSI Help Desk Support staff can assist them with creating POIs. Email and request assistance creating a POI account.

Note: Departmental HR representatives may not be familiar with how to set up POI accounts. Please ask your HR representative to follow the Person of Interest instructions on the HR website. Be sure to include the full name, address, phone number, date of birth, and email of your collaborator with the information that you send to your HR representative. Also, let your HR representative know that they should use the “ESP" or "External Service Provider” POI account type. This type of POI account will give the collaborator access to UMN's VPN, provides two-factor authentication (DUO), and does not not incur a cost to the college. When a POI user no longer needs access, their POI relationship will need to be deactivated. Instructions for deactivating the POI designation can be found on the Inactivating a Person of Interest / POI instruction page.

As of September 1, 2016, MSI no longer accepts sponsored accounts. PI groups must have POI status for any external user they wish to add to their group. All MSI users must now have have a valid UMN internet ID.