How do I setup SSH access to a virtual machine?

Opening port 22 (One time only)

Before you SSH to a VM, you must open port 22 within the Security Groups

Go to Project > Compute > Access & Security and Create Security Group

Name the Security Group ssh

Next click Manage Rules on the ssh Security Group

Click Add Rule

Pull down the Rule and choose SSH

The default CIDR allows connections from anywhere. Adjust as necessary for your use-case.

You’re all set!

Any VM with the SSH Security Group attached will openly receive ingress (incoming) communication on Port 22

Edit a VM's Security Groups

To attach the security group, go to Project > Compute > Instances and pull down the instance menu to Edit Security Groups

Remember to add the security groups when booting instances, and save time!

Apply the new ssh Security Group and click Save

The port will be open almost immediately (no reboot required).