How do I transfer data between other Unix machines and MSI Unix machines?

You can either use scp or sftp or rsync to copy data directly in and out of your home directory on MSI systems:

  • scp: 
    scp filename
  • sftp: 
    sftp> ls
    sftp> put filename
    sftp> quit
  • rsync: 
    rsync -e ssh -avz directoryname

Alternatively, you can ssh directly to a resource using if you set up a tunnel first. To set up a tunnel, use alternate port 2222 (nearly any port could be used, 2222 and 8080 are common choices for tunnels). Each tunnel requires its own port.

ssh -L

From a new terminal on your local machine, you can now ssh, scp, sftp, or rsync directly to the resource, but you'll need to set the destination of these commands to "localhost" (literally "localhost", not the name of your local machine) and the tunnel's port (2222 in this case).

ssh -p 2222 username@localhost


scp -P 2222 /path/to/sourcefile username@localhost:~/path/to/destination

, (notice scp uses an uppercase P) sftp:

sftp -P 2222 username@localhost

(uppercase P) rsync:

rsync -e "ssh -p 2222" -avz directoryname username@localhost:/path/to/destination

If you need access to multiple resources, you need to use a different tunnel and an alternate port for each. Appending "NoHostAuthenticationForLocalhost yes" to your .ssh/config file is also beneficial.

MSI does not currently allow remote mounting of MSI home directories via Network File System (NFS).