How many SUs does a research group need?

Every user group at MSI receives a default allocation of 70,000 SUs. This number of SUs is roughly equivalent to running a job nonstop on a 12-core system for an entire year.

If a group needs more SUs, there are two additional levels that they can request:

  • 280K SUs
    • justification is required if a group has not previously used more than 70K SUs
  • more than 280K SUs
    • in this case, the group must specify the number of SUs requested
    • justification is required

The SU to CPU-hour conversion rates for various systems are listed on the Queues page. Further information about SUs can be found on the SU Allocations page. If you have additional questions, please contact MSI support at

Groups that are renewing their accounts at MSI are advised to examine past usage and consider the planned work for the coming year.