I accidentally deleted or corrupted files that I need. How do I get them back?

Most home directory, shared, public, and website spaces use are backed up into snapshot directories. Thus, older versions of deleted or changed files are kept on disk for a short period of time and you can get them back without having to email MSI staff.

Note: There is no snapshot for scratch space. If the files were in scratch space, it is not possible to restore them.

You will not see the snapshot directory if you type ls. For group home directories, the shared and public directories in side of group home directories , cd to the home directory, shared or public directory, and then:

cd .snapshot

Once you are in the snapshot directory, you will see nightly and weekly sub-directories. You can choose to copy the desired version of your file. You can copy it back to your home directory, website space, shared or public space using cp command and then continue to use it as normal.

Generally speaking, it's possible to retrieve a file for up to 30 days, as long as it existed in the desired state at least one night (since the backups run overnight). If you have trouble locating snapshot directories email help@msi.umn.edu