I think I am using the right username and password; why can't I log in?

Please check the following possibilities if you cannot log into MSI systems inspite of using (what you think are) correct username and password.

  1. MSI passwords expire every six months. Have you received any emails mentioning the need to change your password? If the password has expired, you can always reset it.
  2. Please check if you have an access to the resource. You may be trying to log into a resource which might require a request to the resource by sending an email to help@msi.umn.edu
  3. Does the access problem exist only on some MSI machines, or on all of them? Please note that ssh to workstations ended on June 1, 2011, and ssh to other resources needs to go through login.msi.umn.edu or nx.msi.umn.edu.
  4. Are you trying to use Remote Desktop to a Windows application server? Make sure the domain is set to MSI, not the server's name. If necessary, enter your username as MSI\username to make sure it uses the MSI domain.
  5. Did you recently gain access to MSI Labs and are experiencing difficulties using your existing password on Windows resources? Note that after gaining Windows access (which only comes with Labs), you need to change your password with the web-based tool in order for your Windows password to be synced.
  6. Your account may have been restricted because your research group did not renew, or if it did, your account was not designated to be renewed. This situation is a common cause of passwords not working immediately after January 1 of each year. If you suspect this to be the case, please contact your PI for confirmation or you can contact MSI staff via email (help@msi.umn.edu).