I would like to work in an MSI laboratory location. Where are they, and how do I get access?

MSI has five laboratory locations for researchers to access workstations and use MSI resources: two in Walter Library, one in Nils Hasselmo Hall, one at 717 Delaware, and one in the Cargill building in St. Paul.

Please visit the individual lab pages for specifics on the location of each laboratory (lab). In order to use the lab resources, your PI or PI-designated group admin will need to activate your account's access to "Labs" via myMSI, under the "Other Resources" tab. For walk-in usage of a particular lab or labs, you will need to activate your U Card. Please see the information about U Card activation on the page for each lab: BSCLCGLBMSDL, and SDVL. Note that LMVL access is by appointment only.

The following short video below provides an overview of the various labs, their missions, and their locations.