What does job exit status XX mean?

The exit_status attribute reported by "qstat -f <jobId>" can help users identify why a job failed. Successful runs report exit_status=0. Non-zero status (positive or negative) implies job failure, but the exact meaning of exit codes varies by software. For jobs submitted to PBS, negative exit_status codes are reported by the batch scheduler. A list of the most common codes and their meanings can be found on Job exit status; a page developed by Adaptive Computing. 


Users might also receive an email containing an exit_status when their job terminates. This email typically includes a verbose message in addition to the exit code to help users understand the source of failure. In the following example, exit_status=-11 indicates that a higher walltime is needed to run the job to completion.

From: root <adm@msi.umn.edu>

PBS Job Id: 425212.nokomis0015.msi.umn.edu
Job Name:   STDIN
Exec host:  labqi005.msi.umn.edu/0
Aborted by PBS Server 
Job exceeded its walltime limit. Job was aborted
See Administrator for help
Exit_status=-11 resources_used.cput=00:00:00 resources_used.mem=78188kb resources_used.vmem=193596kb resources_used.walltime=00:12:12