What if my group is running out of SUs or storage before the end of the year?

In 2016, MSI began granting groups 70,000 SUs by default, with additional levels of 280,000 SUs and >280,000 SUs. Supplemental allocations can be made any time during the year. If you are approaching your allocation limit, you can request more and your request will be reviewed by MSI staff on a rolling basis. Requests for more SUs will require the following information: 

  • Description of work on MSI resources 
  • Algorithm scalability information

Requests for more than 200 GB of storage will require the following information:

  • Storage justification 
  • Specific accounting of how you will use the space requested
  • How long will this data remain on primary storage?
  • Why isn't second tier storage suitable for your data?

To complete a request, users can log into myMSI from the MSI homepage. From the dropdown bar under their username in the upper left of the screen, they can select the group for which they would like to request SUs/storage. Users can also go directly to msi.umn.edu/group/GROUPNAME, replacing GROUPNAME with the name of the group for which they would like to request storage/SUs.