What software does MSI offer? How do I access it?

MSI offers many software packages for use by researchers in various fields of research. The MSI webpage includes descriptions of software packages including example usage to help you get started. 

To access software on Linux systems, please use the module command to load the software into your environment. If you try to run a certain program and get command not found, it may be because you need to load the module first. If you have logged into login.msi.umn.edu (via SSH) or nx.msi.umn.edu (via an NX client), you must first use isub to reach a node where you can then load modules and run software.

Some software titles, such as Expressionist, require a different login than your MSI user account. Please email help@msi.umn.edu if the software you wish to use is password-protected. Dependent on licensing, if software is only available on select MSI machines, additional machines can be requested via the MSI Help Desk (help@msi.umn.edu).