When does an NX session terminate?

MSI is transitioning to a new method of handling NX session terminations.

Current procedure:

  • NX sessions are not terminated unless the server itself is rebooted or the maximum session count is reached and a new session is requested.
  • If the server reaches capacity and a new session is requested, the oldest session will be terminated to make room for the new session request.
  • Sessions cannot be terminated manually by the user.

As of the July 2016 maintenance day, the procedures will be:

  • Sessions will terminate if an NX client has not connected to the session within the last 72 hours. Re-connecting to a running session will reset this timer.
  • User sessions will not be terminated by the server if it reaches capacity and a new session is requested. If the server is full, users will get an error message stating this and will need to attempt their connection again later.
  • Users will be given the option to terminate their session. Instead of simply disconnecting when done with a session, users should instead chose to terminate the session to free up the resources for other users. Sessions that are left disconnected for 72 hours will automatically be terminated. 


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