File transfer from Mac clients connecting to MSI Unix servers can be done with many different clients. MSI recommends FileZilla because it works with SSH tunnels, which you will need to use if you intend to transfer data to/from high performance (HPC) systems or other MSI systems that are not

Note: Newer Macs allow only certain approved programs to be installed by default. Filezilla is not recognized as an approved program, so if you receive an error such as 'Filezilla can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer', you'll need to follow the below steps:

  • Open 'System Preferences > Security & Privary > General
  • Change 'Allow applications downloaded from' to 'Anywhere'

To Set Up FileZilla

  1. If you plan to connect to any machine other than, start SSH Tunnel Manager. Otherwise skip to step 6. (Note that home directories on are the same as on itasca, cascade, and the lab queue. If you wish to access your home directory on these systems, you can access them directly from

  2. Start the FileZilla application to get this screen:

  3. (Requires SSH Tunnel Manager) Click on the FileZilla menu and select Preferences... 

  4. (Requires SSH Tunnel Manager) The Settings window comes up:

  5. (Requires SSH Tunnel Manager) Click on "Generic proxy" and then click on the "SOCKS 5" radio button.  Enter localhost into the "Proxy host:" box and "3128" into the "Proxy port:" box. Click OK.

  6. This will return you to the main FileZilla window where you can enter the destination host (e.g. s Note that if you skipped the previous steps, this should be s into the Host: box, your username into the "Username:" box, your password into the "Password:" box and "22" into the "Port:" box. Click on Quickconnect.

  7. The first time you connect you may get a window asking you to confirm the identity of the server. Click on the "Always trust this host" checkbox and click on OK to continue.

  8. You are now connected to the server, you can copy files to and from the remote machine by dragging them them back and forth.


To Shutdown FileZilla

  1. While connected click on the "Disconnect" button in the FileZilla window.

  2. You can now exit the SSH Tunnel Manager.