NX Sessions

What is NX?

For years the X11 Window System (Xwin32/Putty on Windows, X11/Terminal on Mac) has been the defacto standard for remotely displaying a graphical user interface from an MSI workstation or cluster on your local client. The aged X11 technology provides a solid starting point for simple and lightweight graphical applications, but struggles with many of the modern graphics-intensive GUIs that are available with many of the software packages MSI supports.

The NX server/client system provides a modern, faster, and more reliable connection from remote Windows, Mac or Linux machines to MSI's constellation of Linux machines that span the various computational laboratories and core hardware. Unlike X11, NX transfers the complete desktop to your machine and provides a user experience much closer to that of working directly from an MSI Linux workstation. MSI runs the NoMachine NX server on nx.msi.umn.edu. 

Connecting to NX

Follow these instructions to start connecting to the NX server.