Connect to Windows server using Remote Desktop on Windows client

  1. Start from a computer running the Microsoft Windows operating system. If you cannot find "Remote Desktop Connection", download it from

  2. Start "Remote Desktop Connection" from:

    Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> 'Remote Desktop Connection'

  3. In the "Remote Desktop Connection" windows, click "Options >>" button.

  4. In the expanded "Remote Desktop Connection" window, click the "Local Resources" tab and then the "More" button:

  5. Please check "Drives" if you want to access your local disk drives while you are logged on to the remote computer. Then click the "OK" button:

  6. In the "Remote Desktop Connection" window, click the "General" tab.

    Then fill in these fields:

    Computer: or

    username: MSIusername

  7. Click "Connect" button to start. You will be prompted with the usual Microsoft Windows login screen at this point.

  8. Ensure the prompt says you are logging into the MSI domain. If not, log out and enter your username as "MSI\username" (where username is your MSI account)