SSH Tunnel Manager

File transfer to/from MSI HPC resources with a Mac client is a two step process. The first step involves setting up a tunnel via using SSH Tunnel Manager.

Setting up the tunnel

  1. Start the SSH Tunnel Manager to get this screen, the click on the Configuration button.

  2. This takes you to the Preferences screen, click on the + to add a new tunnel:

  3. Enter your username in the Login: field and in the Host: box. Enter a suitable name inthe Name: box. The click on the Options... button.

  4. In the Advanced options panel. Click on the Checkbox next to "Enable SOCKS4 proxy" and enter "3128" into the Port: box.

  5. Close the preferences window to get back to the main SSH Tunnels window, click on the start tunnel button to start the SSH tunnel.

  6. The first time you start a tunnel you may be asked to confirm the host key of, click on Yes.

  7. Enter your password when it prompts you for it:

  8. You be returned to the SSH Tunnels main window which now shows the tunnel connected

At this point you can use something like FileZilla if desired. When finished, you can now disconnect the SSH Tunnels by clicking on the "Stop Tunnel" button.