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MSI software policies have been updated, and procedures for running lab software remotely have changed. See Remote Access to MSI Systems for details regarding access and running. See software renewals for announcements regarding changes to the licensing or support of specific packages.

MSI provides access to approximately 400 software packages. Mature, popular scientific codes important to a large fraction of the user base generally receive the highest level of support. These codes are compiled, installed, benchmarked, and documented as a service to you. They are tested after major system upgrades, new versions are installed in a timely manner, and we expect to be able to offer advice to assist with the majority of inquiries. Conversely, many codes are only useful to a very small number of users. These codes may not be actively maintained, regularly updated, or tested after system updates. They may be removed without notice if usage is found to be too low to continue support. See Software Service Levels for details regarding the level of support you can expect for a software package. The Service Level is noted on the resource page for each software package.

Installation and Availability


Software not currently installed or supported at MSI

If the software you want to use is not currently installed or supported at MSI your first step should be to obtain a license, download the appropriate source files, and attempt to install the software in your home directory following the directions in MSI's software installation guide. Contact with a detailed email explaining any difficulties you are experiencing. Please fill out MSI's Software Request form if you would like to request that MSI purchase and install commercial software.

New version of supported software has been released

If a new version of a software considered a Primary or Ancillary Service becomes available, send an email to to request an upgrade. For freely available Minimal Services please consider installing and maintaining the package in your home directory.

Software is supported at MSI, but not on a specific resource

Hardware characteristics and operating system configurations differ significantly across the spectrum of MSI resources. The performance of application software is directly related to these factors, and as such may vary widely from machine to machine. Accordingly, many software packages are only supported on a subset of MSI resources, chosen to balance performance and convenience to users. MSI will not support low use packages on multiple resources without appropriate justification. Alternatively, you are always welcome to install and maintain software in your home directory on any machine