Allinea MAP

Allinea MAPis a profiler for serial and parallel applications written in C, C++, FORTRAN 77, Fortran 90. It supports multiple parallel programming paradigms including MPI, and OpenMP.

To run this software in a Linux environment run the commands:

module load allinea-tools intel/12.0 ompi/1.5.4/intel


To profile your application, you need to build it with the MAP libraries, for example:

module load allinea-tools intel/12.0 ompi/1.5.4/intel

C:  mpicc -g -O3 your.c -lmap-sampler

C++:  mpicxx -g -O3 your.c -lmap-sampler

FORTRAN:  mpif90 -g -O3 your.c -lmap-sampler

On the login nodes, you can use MAP only up to the number of cores available. For an MPI job to run across nodes, one  need run MAP interactively throught a queue by  " qsub -I -X -q batch ". Here is the procedure for profiling a MPI job to run over  2 nodes:

qsub -I -X -l nodes=2:ppn=8,mem=20gb,walltime=1:00:00

cd your_work_directory

module load allinea-tools intel/12.0 ompi/1.5.4/intel


For Platform MPI, the following commands are  used for profiling a MPI application:

module load intel pmpi/8.2.0/intel allinea-tools
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/platform_mpi-$LD_LIBRARY_PATH

export MPICC=mpicc.mpich
mpif90.mpich -g -O3 mpi_hello.f

map -profile -n 4 ./a.out

For intel MPI, please try the following

module load intel impi/intel allinea-tools

map -n 4 -profile -mpiargs "-r ssh -f nodelist" ./a.out

where nodelist is a file containing the name of nodes assigned for running the job,

More working examples for building scalar and parallel applications (with a variety of versions of MPI) are in

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