Partek Genomics Suite

Partek Genomics Suite (Partek GS) is a software suite of statistics and interactive data visualization designed to extract biological signals from noisy data. Partek GS is able to support microarray and next generation sequencing technologies including DGE and gene expression, RNA-seq and alternative splicing, copy number and association, ChIP-chip, ChIP-seq, and microRNA.

To run this software interactively in a Linux environment run the commands:

module load partek

To run this software under Windows, connect using instruction provided in our Windows systems page.  Once logged in, navigate to

Start-> All Programs -> Partek -> Partek Genomics Suite

For documentation, refer to the Partek GS homepage.

Note for Windows users (Citrix,

As part of its normal function Partek writes some temporary files. In some cases the folder where the files are being written are very small and Partek may fill the folder up leading to error messages when you try to use Partek. To avoid this please create a Partek folder in your "Local Scratch (L:)" disk and set Partek to write temporary files there. 

Instructions for creating Partek temporary file space:

1) Once logged into the Window's enviroment via, open up the "Local Scratch (L:)" disk and create Partek folder.  You can find the L: disk under the folder icon at the bottom of the Windows desktop. Use the New Folder button at the top of the box to create a new folder on the L:  disk. 

2) Start Partek and select Edit -> Preferences. Once the Preference pane open select the File Locations tab at the top.

3) Under the Temporary File heading, clean up the current tempoary folder by selecting Cleanup Now.

4) Change the location of the temporary files by using the browse button and selectin the Partek folder you just created in the L: disk.

5) Select OK to save these changes.

6) Check this location each time you start Partek to make sure it has not revereted back to the old temporary file location.  



The user could also install a standalone version of Partek on its own computer.  For this purpose, please follow the steps:

1) Download Partek Genomic Suite from:

2) Install it.

3) Contact MSI for license information.


Kind Reminder:

Because MSI only hosts a limited number of Partek licenses, please quit Partek when you are done so that other people can use it.

Support level: