TIBCO Spotfire is no longer offered at MSI




TIBCO Spotfire is a powerful data analysis, visualization and exploration tool, allowing users to quickly identify trends and patterns in data.  It enables quick, interactive data filtering and clear, concise visualizations including bar charts, cross tables, scatter plots and more. The tool is useful for researchers in engineering, life sciences, and other domains.

Spotfire Lead Discovery provides chemists with the capability to access both biology and chemistry data, visualizing key relationshipts that aid in the improvement of synthesis paths, drug design, and explorations of structure activitiy relationships.  

The Minnesota Supercomputing Institute has a license for SpotFire Pro and the Lead Discovery Module.

URLs: and

To run Spotfire under

1. Go to
2. Click the 'Register' button
3. Fill out the form, entering 'Minnesota Supercomputing Center' as the organization.
4. Login to Xen, launch Spotfire
5. Enter as the server if prompted
5. Input email and password from the just created account and login

To download software on personal machine:
1. Go to
2. Input email (must be UMN or MSI email)
3. Download and install

To reset password:
1. Go to
2. Click the 'Forgot your password?' link

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