Vector NTI

Vector NTI is a bioinformatics software package for DNA and protein sequence analysis.


Vector NTI DLS requires users to install the client on their computer and access it online with MSI account.

Please contact for the Dynamic License Service URL.

In additon, it works only within the University of Minnesota Network.

License checkout policy details:

The license is shared among MSI users, thus the following policy applys. We strongely enourage user to get their own license if availability is concerned.

On weekdays, MSI staff may log out those Vector NTI users who have held the license seat for more than 10 hours (this action to be taken in the morning before 9 am).
If another user requests a Vector NTI license seat, MSI staff will log out any user who has held the license key for more than 4 hours. This action can be taken at any time.

User's Manual and Quick Start Guide are available from vendor's web site at:

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