AMOS - Whole Genome Assembly Software

AMOS is collection of tools and class interfaces for the assembly of DNA sequencing reads. The package includes a robust infrastructure, modular assembly pipelines, and tools for overlapping, consensus generation, contiging, and assembly manipulation.

AMOS is composed of a number of modules, each of which performs a step in the assembly process.  While each module can be run individually, AMOS provides a module that controls the entire pipeline assembly, called runAmos.
To run this software interactively in a Linux environment run the commands:
module load amos
runAmos [options] -c <config> 
where <config> is a configuration file specifying various parameters.  To view the available options for runAmos, use the following command:
runAmos -h
Other AMOS utilities may found in the directory
where VER is the version of AMOS you are using.
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