BioPerl is a toolkit of Perl modules useful for building bioinformatics programs in perl. The collection of modules in bioperl makes it easy to develop bioinformatics applications for sequences analysis, as well as for creating graphical interfaces (bioperl-gui), persistent storage in RDMBS (bioperl-db), and running and parsing the results from hundreds of bioinformatics applications (bioperl-run).

To run this software in a Linux environment run the command:
module load bioperl
Below is an example of how to use a sequence object in your Perl script:
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use Bio::Seq
Note that the location of the Perl binary may change depending on which module is loaded.  For more information on a BioPerl module, use the perldoc command, e.g.:
perldoc Bio::Seq
BioPerl also provides a number of Perl scripts for different tasks which may be found in the directory
where VER is the version of BioPerl you are using.  More information, including documentation and tutorials, may be found at the the BioPerl homepage.
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