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  • ABAQUS is a general-purpose Finite Element program designed for advanced linear and nonlinear engineering analysis applications.

    The Institute has ABAQUS/Standard, ABAQUS/Explicit and ABAQUS/Cae.

  • Ansoft Maxwell 3D Field Simulator uses electromagnetic field simulation to accurately predict product performance from physical design information.

    In addition to Ansoft Maxwell 3D, the Ansoft package contains the Ansoft Optimetric, Maxwell 2D and the Schematic Capture.

  • ANSYS is a general-purpose finite-element program for engineering analysis, and includes preprocessing, solution, and postprocessing functions. ANSYS is used in a wide range of disciplines for solutions to mechanical, thermal, and electronic problems.

  • Ensight is a client/server scientific visualization package providing a complete tool for all types of engineering analysis, postprocessing, visualization and communication.

  • Mimics is useful for visualization and segmentation of CT / MR images and 3D rendering of objects. It also provides an interface to create FEM meshes.
    MSI currently has the following modules
    • Mimics basic - Allows segmentation, registration and measurement on 3D object