CcpNmr (DISABLED - will be removed on 12/22/17)

Note: Due to lack of use, this software module has been disabled and will be removed from MSI systems on 12/22/17. If you need this software, please contact


The CcpNmr software suite is a series of programs for macromolecular NMR spectroscopy integrated with the CCP data model. Between programs written by the CCPN, external contributions, and ‘outside’ programs integrated with the data model, it is the intention to provide one suite of programs to carry out all tasks needed in macromolecular NMR spectroscopy.

To load this software  in a Linux environment run the command:

module load ccpnmr

The Stable Release comes with the following programs:

Component Command Description
Analysis analysis2 spectrum display, interactive analyseis and assignment
FormatConverter formatConverter2 reading and writing between the data formats of existing programs
ECI/PDB deposition eci submitting CCPN data to PDBe and BMRB

Additional modules can be accessed via the analysis2 GUI.


Further documentation can be found at the CCPN Wiki site.

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