ChemBioOffice Ultra; ChemOffice; Chem Office; ChemDraw

This ultimate chemistry & biology suite is designed to meet the needs of both chemists and biologists. ChemBioOffice 2012 includes ChemBioDraw Ultra 13.0, ChemScript 13.0, ChemBio3D Ultra 13.0, Chem3D interfaces to Schrödingers Jaguar and Gaussian, ChemFinder Ultra 13.0, with support for Oracle, ChemBioFinder Ultra 13.0, E-Notebook 13.0, ChemDraw, as well as a collection of databases.


MSI no longer provides ChemBio Office on our systems. However, you may still download and install this software on your workstations. See the instructions below to install on your local machine.
  1. Go to
  2. Click the "M", for Minnesota.
  3. Scroll down until "University of Minnesota" is located.
  4. Click where appropriate and enter your email address.
  5. Follow the instructions on the Cambridge site to download a copy of the software.
  6. You should receive an email with appropriate serial numbers to activate your software shortly after registering.
  7. When logged in with your Cambridgesoft or Perkin Elmer Informatics username, going to
  9. Should display your available packages and serial numbers.

Additional Information

  • Home Page
  • This software is financed solely by the UMN Chemistry Department. Please contact Dan MacEwan for information on how to obtain the software.
  • Contact with questions.


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