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  • Categories: Proteomics | Service Level: Minimal (2) | SW Module: windows-only

    Bruker Daltonics ClinProTools system is an integrated set of tools for biomarker discovery and clinical proteomics search.

    ClinProTools supports a profiling workflow to detect biomarker patterns indicative of specific diseases in biological fluids. In a second workflow individual biomarker candidates can be identified by using Bruker Daltonics TOF/TOF technology.

    Access to CLINPROT at the Supercomputing Institute

    Remote logon onto the windows server

    You can access ClinProtools by going to:

    Start -> All Programs -> Bruker Daltonics -> ClinProTools.

    User help documentation is available when program is started and help menu is accessed.

    The manual is also available at :

    Start -> All Programs -> Bruker Daltonics -> Manuals.

    Home Page :