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Comsol Multiphysics (formerly known as FEMLAB) is a Multiphysics modeling tool that solves all types of problems based on Finite Element Analysis and Partial Differential Equations (PDEs). Predefined applications modes include stress/strain, heat transfer, CFD, and electromagnetics. Additonal features of Comsol Multiphysics include specialized add-on modules for chemical Engineering, Structural Mechanics and Electromagnetics. MSI currently has both education and research licenses. The educational license is COMSOL version 4.1.
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To use COMSOL you must be on the COMSOL user list. Contact MSI Help to be added to the COMSOL user list. We have four COMSOL licenses. We ask that all users use the calendaring program to sign up for time on COMSOL using these instructions. You can use the following links to see the COMSOL calendars and reserve a license:
The COMSOL/Research license is the default. The COMSOL/Class license is available to instructors using COMSOL in their curriculum.
Available Modules

The following additional modules are available. If you need to use any of these modules, please specificy the modules on the calendar when you make your reservation. Verify that all the licenses have not been reserved by others for the same time period. Users found using modules without prior reservations are subject to having their job killed if someone else has reserved the module for the same time.
1 Subsurface Flow
1 RF
1 Structural Mechanics
1 Heat Transfer
2 Live Link for MATLAB
2 Chemical Reaction Engineering
1 Accoustics
2 Particle Tracing
1 Nonlinear Structural Materials
2 ECAD Import
2 CAD Import
1 Microfluidics
1 Molecular Flow
1 Multibody Dynamics
1 Wave Optics

When using COMSOL at MSI, please make sure to check that the amount of memory allocated to your job is sufficient. COMSOL recommends at least 4 GB of memory. We have found that sometimes 8 GB is required. If you are having issues, try requesting additional memory. An example of allocating memory with an isub command is:
isub -m 8GB
To use the COMSOL research license (default) interactively in a Linux environment use the commands:
module load comsol
If you are using a remote X or NX session and see GL errors when trying to start Comsol, try this:
module load comsol
comsol -3drend sw
There are known problems using Comsol over NX. We suggest you use the NICE connection.
To use the class license
module load comsol/class
Check License Usage

You may check the current license usage from the Linux environment with the following command. You may need to scroll up to see "Users of COMSOL" in the output:

lmstat -c -S LMCOMSOL

The output will look like this (truncated):


Users of COMSOL:  (Total of 4 licenses issued;
  Total of 1 license in use)

  "COMSOL" v4.4, vendor: LMCOMSOL
  floating license

    geron018 /dev/pts/0 (v4.4)
 ( 301), start Tue 11/18 11:10


Observe that MSI user geron018 is using the license as of Tuesday, November 18th, starting at 11:10 (AM).

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This software is available to select accounts on request.
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