D4M attempts to combine the advantages of five distinct processing technologies (sparse linear algebra, associative arrays, fuzzy algebra, distributed arrays, and triple-store/NoSQL databases such as Hadoop HBase and Apache Accumulo) to provide a database and computation system that addresses the problems associated with Big Data. 

D4M is a library accessed through Matlab.  You must be familiar with Matlab before using D4M. To use D4M on the MSI lab machines, load the matlab module and add the following lines to the top of your Matlab input, or in your startup.m file.

  D4M_HOME = '/nfs/soft-el6/d4m/2.0.3';       % SET TO LOCATION OF D4M.
  addpath([D4M_HOME '/matlab_src']);          % Add the D4M library.
  Assoc('','','');                            % Initialize library.

If you have an accumulo database, you can access it from Matlab by defining a connection, e.g.;

   DB = DBserver('accumulo1:2181','Accumulo','msitest', '<username>','<password>');


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